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JAZZ cup

JAZZ cup Soft Menstrual Cups – with Travel-Cotton Pouch

JAZZ cup Soft Menstrual Cups – with Travel-Cotton Pouch

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JAZZ is more than a menstrual cup; it’s a lifestyle and a mindset. At JAZZ, we think of our period as something to embrace and never as an obstacle. It is part of what makes us women - active, fearless, and powerful women. JAZZ cup has style - your style - and is determined, just like you, which is why it will be your perfect partner for all the activities you set out to do. Days of missing out on a pool party, skipping your workout, or even your motocross or ski practice are over with JAZZ cup, which ensures you leakage-free protection and comfortable fit even through the night. Sleep tight with JAZZ cup.

  • 12-HOUR LEAKAGE-FREE – With JAZZ cup every day of the month is yours to enjoy. Feel free to practice any sport and never miss a pool party again! We got you covered even at your sleep. It’s easy to use, just wash it, and it's ready to go again, making it great for traveling.

  • COMFORTABLE AND SAFE – Made with 100% Medical-Grade silicon, JAZZ cup maintains your pH balance, helps reducing cramps and preventing vaginal dryness. It's hypoallergenic, BPA-free and toxin-free.
  • REUSABLE – JAZZ cup is reusable; it takes care of your pocket as well as the environment. Fear of running out of tampons? Not anymore!

Feeling powerful yet? Use JAZZ cup to help you live life to the fullest and help us empower more women who have no access to feminine hygiene products. Through our Buy One Give One program, for every JAZZ cup you purchase, an identical one is donated to a woman in need in Colombia. Thank you for helping us fight period poverty.


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