Impact Report

Impact Report

Thanks to customers who believe in Jazz cup we have donated 496 cups and counting. Join JAZZ cup in the fight against Period Poverty.

Did you know period poverty is among the main reasons girls drop out of school?

Some scarry facts:

In the US.

  • 20% (1 in 5 teens) have struggled to afford period products or were not able to purchase them at all.
  • 84% (more than 4 in 5 teens) have either missed class time or know someone who missed class time because they did not have access to period products.
  • 25% (1 in 4 teens) have missed class because of lack of access to period products.

In Colombia.

  • Hundreds of girls in poor communities end up dropping out of school after having to miss class repeatedly and falling behind due to the lack of access to feminine hygiene products.
  • Women due to lack of information and no access to menstrual products end up using dangerous elements as period products like: newspapers, old cloths and even sharing used pads among the family, putting themselves at high risk of life-threatening infections.
  • 40% of women reported to have interrupted their activities for their period.

What is Period Poverty?

Period poverty refers to the global issue characterized by limited or no access to menstrual products, hygiene facilities, waste management, and education. It has significant physical, mental, and emotional issues specifically on low-income women. When unable to afford menstrual products, girls may be compelled to miss school or work, resulting in long-term consequences for their education and economic prospects. Furthermore, period poverty can worsen existing vulnerabilities, pushing women and girls towards precarious coping strategies.

At JAZZ cup we have identified that the main struggles women in less fortunate contexts face are the lack of access to menstrual hygiene products and to knowledge and reliable information regarding menstruation. In response, we have worked with the following foundations to donate our menstrual cups, and create workshops and safe spaces to share knowledge regarding, anatomy, menstrual, and sexual education, as well as the appropriate information needed before the handout of each of the donated cups for a safe use.

Allied foundations who have helped us donate 496 cups to women in need:

  • Fundación Comparte por una Vida Colombia. (Cúcuta)
  • Fundación Costeño Social. (Guachaca, Santa Marta)
  • Fundación Obras Sociales Betania. (Manizales)
  • Corporación Sagrada Familia. (Manizales)
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